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GHPCC Newsletters


Meeting Dates, Agendas, Post Card News & Show Info.


Each edition of the GHPCC Newsletter is packed

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The GHPCC's  (Mostly Monthly) Newsletters

The GHPCC publishes a newsletter in advance of each club meeting (9 per year) to remind the members about the meeting dates and convey other useful information.  Please click on any of the links below to view a PDF version of that newsletter.  Once you have opened the file, use File --> Save in your browser to save the newsletter to your computer.

PLEASE!!!  We gratefully accept contributions to the newsletter.  If you would like to send in articles, show information and/or post card scans, please email us at  Postcards@GHPCC.ca.  




GHPCC Newsletter - January 2016

GHPCC Newsletter - October 2015

GHPCC Newsletter - September 2015

GHPCC Newsletter - June 2015


GHPCC Newsletter - May 2015


GHPCC Newsletter - April 2015


GHPCC Newsletter - March 2015


GHPCC Newsletter - February 2015


GHPCC Newsletter - January 2015


GHPCC Newsletter - November 2014


GHPCC Newsletter - October 2014


GHPCC Newsletter - September 2014 


GHPCC Newsletter - June 2014 


GHPCC Newsletter - May 2014 


GHPCC Newsletter - April 2014 


GHPCC Newsletter - March 2014 


GHPCC Newsletter - February 2014 


GHPCC Newsletter - January 2014 


GHPCC Newsletter - October 2013 


GHPCC Newsletter - September 2013 


GHPCC Newsletter - June 2013 


GHPCC Newsletter - May 2013 


GHPCC Newsletter - April 2013 


April 2013 Addendum:  Request from Mike Smith for Patriotic Post Card Scans 


GHPCC Newsletter - March 2013 

If you are unable to open PDF files, please download and install the Adobe Reader free of charge at http://get.adobe.com/reader.  Once it has been installed, your browser should open it automatically to display the files.






Any help with providing content for the newsletter would be appreciated.  Please consider contributing an article about your collecting interests, or about the subject of even one interesting post card, or information that you think would be of interest to the club's members.  If each GHPCC member wrote one short piece, your very hard-working, not-yet-retired-from-her-real-job editor, Peggy MacLeod, would be extremely grateful.  Electronic format is preferred (please specify the software used to create the file, and the type of each file submitted), but any contribution will be gratefully accepted.  

Content is welcomed from outside sources as well.

Simply email your story, idea or scans to Postcards@GHPCC.ca  


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